• April 4 - April 7, 2019: BLU (Beyond Limits Ultra) MULTI DAY RACE 200M/72HR/48HR/24HR/100M/50M/50K Multi-Day Race - Push beyond your perceived limits on 70 acres of Wildlife Preserve in the San Jacinto Mountains!
  • Feb. 15 - 17, 2019 (48 Hr Starts Feb. 15): Jackpot Ultra Running Festival Bet Big. Run Long. High Roller Bling, including a casino inspired buckle for 100 mile finishers. Enjoy a 2.5 mile loop set among a brand new high amenity park - just 10 miles from Vegas airport! 50 Mile Race Added!
  • Register Before It SELLS OUT!
    Register Before It SELLS OUT!

    Bet Big, Run Long! High Roller Bling for all runners, including a casino inspired belt buckle for 100 mile finishers. Enjoy a 2.5 mile loop set among a new 100 acre, high amenity park, with a picturesque lake - just 10 miles from Vegas airport!

  • 2019 BLU Results
    2019 BLU Results

    Over 100 runners went beyond limits at Pathfinder Ranch. See the Results!

    2019 BLU Results
  • Beyond BLU: The Stories, The Event
    Beyond BLU: The Stories, The Event

    Read race reports, blogs and more from all of our Beyond Limits Running races! If you have a story, send it our way. 

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Jackpot Ultra Running Festival
February 15 - 17, 2019 in You Know Where, NV

the 2019 USATF 100 Mile Road Championship Race

Beyond honored to announce the 6th Annual Jackpot Ultra Running Festival will once again host the official USATF 100 Mile Road Championship race! Based on feedback from last year's USATF runners, we have designed a new 1.2 mile course which will be used exclusively for the USATF 100 mile race ONLY! All other races will be run on the same 2.5 mile certified course used last year. The 1.2 mile USATF division course, which is being certified, is essentially a 1.2 mile loop around the lake. The course is VERY, VERY different than the normal course as it consists of 95% paved or concrete surfaces and 5% crushed gravel. The course is designed to allow elite USATF participants, along with those USATF members seeking age group records, to compete on a very fast course. To make the USATF division as fast as possible, we will also use "running only lanes" in front of our aid station and set the aid station back 8-10 feet from the course to avoid congestion. Again, this course is only being used for the USATF division of the festival. Importantly, the 1.2 mile USATF course shares many of the same paths as the normal 2.5 mile Jackpot course, so runner interaction amongst all races still occurs. It warms our heart knowing newbies, along with mid-pack runners, will get the chance to race and share the course with ultra elite athletes. If you have interest in running the USATF 100 Mile race, simply register for the race titled "100 Mile USATF". Please visit our website WWW.BEYONDLIMITSRUNNING.COM to view a video of the normal Jackpot course, along with a video of the USATF only course. Again, the addition of this USATF only course was made in direct response to USATF runner requests and we have done our very best to accommodate the request for a fast USATF course. Please note, this course will only be offered during years when we host the USATF 100 Mile Road Championship division race.

Course Venue and Regular Jackpot Course Description

Bet Big, Run Long. Produced by Beyond Limits Running, the 6th Annual Jackpot Ultra Running Festival takes place on Presidents' Weekend 2019 (February 15-17) at one of Southern Nevada's newest and largest amenity-filled park. 

Located minutes from the Las Vegas strip and just 10 miles from Las Vegas Airport, the $16 million, 100 acre Cornerstone Park is nestled among desert landscape and is anchored by a 31 acre bird sanctuary lake. The lake is surrounded by a massive grass area, entertainment plaza, individual picnic pavilions with lake views, walking/running trails, volleyball and basketball courts, restrooms, BBQ's and over 500 parking spots. Importantly, let's not forget all the wildlife runners get to enjoy as they race around the course. The regular certified Jackpot course consists of a 2.5 mile loop with 80 feet of gentle elevation ascend/descend per loop (4,000 feet for the 100 mile race). At an elevation of 1,900 feet and average mid-February high/low temperature of 61/45, the Jackpot course is extremely fast. Running on a course that is 45% groomed crushed gravel trails, 45% wide asphalt paths, 5% grass and just 5% bridge and concrete surfaces, the course is well suited for veteran runners wanting to PR, and with a 30 hour time limit, it is perfect for first time ultra runners. The RFID chip timed race starts at the entertainment plaza and makes a horseshoe type loop around the lake with lots of social runner interactions. Runners will be treated to two small picturesque bridge crossings every loop. As illustrated in past results, the Jackpot course has become one of the fastest looped courses in the Southwest. 

As with other Beyond Limits Running races, the aid station will be heavily stocked to take care of runners' nutritional needs and will serve a variety of hot meals throughout the entire event. Awards and runner bling will be very memorable. All runners will receive a unique finisher's medal, with 100 mile finishers earning a large buckle. Both medals and buckles are appropriately themed (think casinos and gambling). Not everything stays in Vegas and every runner will be leaving with memorable bling, including one of our signature Bet Big Run Long sublimated tech shirts. As demonstrated during the last five Jackpot Ultra Running Festivals, the race directors go all out when it comes to designing unique awards. First through third place male and female finishers in each race will earn trophy case quality awards. 

To create a full-blown festival environment, a live band will perform throughout the day at the start/finish line aid station, and of course Elvis and the Fabulous Las Vegas Showgirls will make another appearance. Stay motivated and running strong as you listen to live music during the day and watch movies all night long on our 120 inch outdoor movie screen. To please your running fans back home and around the world, we will again provide live tracking throughout all races via an easy to use mobile app. If you haven't figured out already, this is a great vacation getaway ultra. With cheap Southwest Airline flights and 5 affordably priced hotels located 1-3 miles from the race venue, invite family and friends and take full advantage of the 3-day Presidents' Weekend. Enjoy one of Vegas' awarding winning restaurants and catch a show on the strip as you celebrate and recover in style. 

Bet Big, Run Long and Hit the JACKPOT at the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival.

USATF 100 Mile ONLY Course Description

The USATF 100 mile race will be run on a 1.2 mile loop course. The course is VERY, VERY different than the 2.5 mile horseshoe loop course used for all other races, The USATF 100 mile only course is a quick loop around the lake. It does not incorporate the varying terrain of the regular Jackpot course. It is run on 95% asphalt and/or concrete surfaces with just 5% crushed gravel paths. The course is specifically designed to give elites, along with those USATF members looking to set age group records, the best chances to achieve optimal results. Again, this course, which shares many paths with the regular Jackpot course, is ONLY being used for the USATF 100 Mile race. 

$10,000 Prize Pool, Plus Colorado Cabin Stay

Although we are just a small couple-owned ultra company producing just a handful of races each year, we want to do our part to help recognize the amazing athletes who actually win these races. To this end, we are happy to again offer a $10,000 prize pool. The first place man and first place woman in the USATF 100 mile race will receive $1,500 each, while the second place man and woman in the USATF 100 mile race will receive $500 each. The third place man and woman in the USATF 100 mile race will receive $250 each. The first place man and first place woman in the regular Jackpot 100 mile race will receive $500 each, while the second place man and woman in the regular Jackpot 100 mile race will receive $250 each. If a new 100 mile USA road record is set in the USATF 100 Mile Race, the winning male and/or female winner will receive an additional $2,000 each. Jackpot is very unique as it allows newbies, normal runners and elites to share a short, fast loop course. So as not to leave out the majority of runners from the prize fun, we will raffle-off a free 3 night stay at the mountain-side Beyond Limits cabin located on the banks of the West Fork of the Dolores River in Southwest Colorado. Just register by December 31, 2018 and you will be included in the raffle. Come hit the Jackpot in Sin City and experience the over-the-top fun that comes with running a Beyond Limits Running race.

48 Hour Race Returns Again

Due to the popularity of the 48 hour race the last three years, the 48 hour race returns again in 2019. With nearly 75 runners competing in the 2018 48 hour race, the Jackpot 48 hour race is becoming one of the most popular 48 hour races in the Southwest. The race will begin on Friday, February 15, 2019 at 8:00 AM. To assist 48 hour runners in their quest to go Beyond Limits, we will again offer a heating/rest/sleep tent which runners can utilize "brief" rests throughout the race. This is the only race that will begin on Friday. All other ultra races and the marathon start on Saturday, February 16 at 8:00 AM.


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