Let's see a show of hands. How many of you have slept in your car, or in a cold tent, the night before an ultra race? You know, you wake up nice and stiff in the morning and shiver your way over to a porta-potty as you figure out how to take a sponge bath before your big race. Yep, we've been in the exact same boat numerous times and while we've got nothing against good old fashion camping, as a matter of fact we love camping, we do enjoy a comfortable night's sleep the night before we push our bodies and minds to the edge. With this in mind, we wanted to create a race where runners could all sleep together the night before (you know what we mean), with the creature comforts of a roof, mattress, bathroom & shower, and be within 100 yards of the race start/finish line. Not the easiest task to pull-off, especially considering we only wanted a venue surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains. Hey, we live in Arizona and Las Vegas, so we're heavily drawn to mountain settings!

Behold the BIG BLU Sleepover at Pathfinder Ranch, Southern California's premier educational camp. Located on 40 acres of Wildlife Preserve and surrounded by forest meadows situated south of Palm Springs in the San Jacinto Mountains, Pathfinder Ranch is a full-service camp with sprawling horse pastures, canoe lakes, streams, ropes courses, private meadows, extensive sleeping cabins, bathrooms, showers and more.

So here are the details of the BIG BLU Sleepover. Pathfinder Ranch has enough beds to accommodate 130 runners and is based on a first come, first serve basis. Sleeping accommodations are comfortable, but this is not the Four Seasons. Runners will sleep in bunk style sleeping rooms with other runners (can be up to 30 other people in the room so yes, we even provide earplugs) and will be required to bring their own linens and towels. We heavily suggest bringing a sleeping bag and pillow. The rooms contain large bathrooms with showers. 72/48/24hr and 100 mile runners get to stay in the cabins for free. However, you will need to confirm your desire to stay. Once you register, you will promptly receive an email from us asking you to reserve your sleeping accommodations. Those running in the 50 mile and 50K, along with guests of a 50/100 miler, are welcome to stay for an additional $40/person/night (meals included). Did we mention all runners taking part in the BIG BLU Sleepover will receive a free pasta dinner Friday night and a free breakfast Saturday morning? And no sleepover in the mountains would be complete without a BIG BLU campfire the night before. No worries, we'll provide all the fixins needed to prepare the S'Mores. Just another way we go way beyond! 

By the way, camping is always an option and more than welcome. We will have a spot set aside on the grounds of Pathfinder Ranch for you to pitch a tent. 72/48/24hr and 100 mile runners can attend the meals for free, while the 50 mile and 50K runners and crew can attend for an additional $20 per person, per night. While the showers are reserved for the Big BLU Sleepover participants, clean bathrooms, with running water, are available for those choosing to camp.