Race Location

The race is at Cornerstone Park (1600 Wigwam Parkway, Henderson, NV89074) and packet pick-up will also be at Cornerstone Park.  Look for the big tents located by the pavilion (you can’t miss us). Cornerstone Park is located 9.5 miles from Las Vegas Airport.


Packet Pick-Up

Packet pick-up for all Saturday start races, which includes the 6/12/24 hour races, along with the 50-mile race and regular 100-mile race, will take place during our USATF Race Viewing Party at the race venue on Friday, February 14th from 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM and on Saturday, February 15th from 6:30 AM - 7:30 AM (at the venue).


·      If you are running the Friday start 48 Hour Race, or the Friday start USATF 100 Mile Race, Packet pick-up will take place from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM on Thursday, February 13th at the race venue, as well as from 6:30 AM - 7:30 AM on Friday, February 14th at the race venue.


Please note, we are extremely busy setting up Thursday morning/afternoon and have a very, very short window of time to set-up.  With that said, please understand we are not in a position to give course previews Thursday afternoon, or let folks pick-up bibs early.  Please let us hustle through our set-up and wait until at least 4:00 PM to show-up for the 48-Hour packet pick-up.



There are 800 parking spots at the park with tons of spots located either course-side, or within 10-25 yards of the course.  In addition to the very large grass area designated for personal course-side aid stations, using your car as a personal rest/aid station is a great option.  The race is capped at 400 runners this year, so there is plenty of parking.  Seriously, don’t spend a single moment worrying about parking, you will find plenty of “great” spots!


Camping, Personal Aid Station Rules and New Motorhome Parking Rules

NO OUTDOOR CAMPING IS ALLOWED THURSDAY NIGHT. However, if you are in the 48-Hour race and have a RV, you will be allowed to park in the parking lot Thursday night starting at 4:00 PM. You can also sleep in your car on Thursday night if you so desire. If you are racing on Saturday and have a RV, feel free to show-up starting at 4:00 PM Friday. Please note there are no showers, RV hook-ups, etc. While it goes without saying, don’t even think about “dumping” your RV at the park! You must email Ken (Ken.Rubeli@gmail.com) by February 10th if you plan on parking a RV. 


Starting Friday morning at 6:00 AM, 48-hour runners can start setting-up their your own personal rest/aid station along the course, while all other runners are allowed to set-up their personal rest/aid station starting Friday at 2:00 PM.


There is a very large grass area along the course just past the one-mile marker available for personal rest/aid stations. Small pop-up shelters (10 x 10 or smaller) are allowed, as are small personal tents.  You are also allowed to set-up personal rest/aid zones along the course that passes right next to the parking lot.  Please note, the park strictly forbids tent spikes, so no spikes!  Sandbags, or several one-gallon jugs of water, make for great tent anchors. This rule is strictly enforced as we could have our permit permanently pulled if someone uses a spike and hits an irrigation line. 


By the way, there really is PLENTY of space along the course, so there's no need to rush to find the perfect personal spot!  Seriously, stress about more important things like remembering to bring extra soaks, blister Band-Aids, chaffing cream, etc.


New Motorhome Rules for 2020

You are welcome to bring and stay in a motorhome.  However, motorhomes are NO LONGER allowed to park in the very first row next to the course.  Motorhomes must park at least one row back from the course. This rule has been implemented for safety reasons. Runners routinely go to their cars during the race and having a bunch of motorhomes parked in the first row severely limits visibility as runners cross through the parking lot.  With that said, Motorhomes can park (even horizontally) in the second row, or anywhere else except the first row.  Thanks for understanding and helping us keep all runners safe.


Race Start

The 48-Hour Race, along with the USATF 100 Mile Race, both start at 8:00 AM Friday, February 14th, while all other races start at 8:00 AM on Saturday, February 15th. All runners should be race-ready at the starting line area by 7:35 AM at the latest for a pre-race talk and photo.


50 Mile, 100 mile and USATF 100 Mile Race Time Limits

The 50-mile race, along with the regular 100-mile race, which both start on Saturday at 8:00 AM, both have a 31-hour time limit.  The USATF 100-mile race, which starts on Friday at 8:00 AM, has a 34-hour time limit.


Fun, Fun and More Fun (this is Vegas after all)

·      Elvis, along with the famous Las Vegas Showgirls, will arrive at 6:45 AM on BOTH Friday and Saturday and be available for pictures until race time at 8:00 AM.  We will do pre-race announcements at 7:35 AM and a group photo at 7:50 AM.  Elvis will help kick-off the race at 8:00 AM both days. Do your best to show-up to the starting line early to have ample time to socialize with friends and take pictures. 

·      There will be live music next to the aid station on Friday from 3:30 PM – 7:30 PM and again on Saturday from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

·      Weather permitting; we will also have outdoor movies playing throughout the night on our large outdoor movie screen right across from the aid station.  Your family and friends are encouraged to bring camping chairs/blankets and enjoy the movies.  Movies begin with a kid-friendly movie around 7 PM and continue until dawn with more adult comedic movies.  We love to have fun, so if you feel like breaking out the glow-in-the-dark body paint at night, or throwing on your favorite running costume, by all means, have at it!!


Small Horseshoe Loop Ultras

For those of you new to short horseshoe loop ultras, you are in for a treat.  While we certainly love running point-2-point ultras, short horseshoe loop ultras are very special in that you really get to know your fellow runners.  Personally, the reason we focus on directing short course ultras is that it gives us the chance to really get to know everyone and develop new friendships.  You will be sharing the little course with elites, newbies, old-timers, etc.  Ultra runners are the most welcoming runners you will ever encounter, so make sure you share a few laps with your fellow runners and get to know some new friends.  When people say you are crazy for running around a short course, they fail to realize you actually get to share miles with some of our sport’s most iconic runners!  Soak it in and have fun getting to know your fellow Jackpot runners.


Aid Station

Like in all our races, we will again be going all-out with a heavily stocked aid station. Like you, we run ultra races and know how critical it is to have a variety of “real” food. Main meals will be served during the race at breakfast, lunch, early dinner and late dinner.  We will post a menu with the main meals on our website on Weds, Feb 12th. In addition to main meals of substance and traditional snacks (i.e., M&M's, pretzels, cookies, assorted chips, boiled potatoes, pickles, pastries, bananas, oranges, muffins, etc), we will also have grilled cheese, P&J sandwiches, frozen grapes, bean burritos (vegan and regular) and a variety of soups (vegan and regular). And of course we'll have tasty desserts including brownies, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, popsicles and snow cones. Don’t laugh; nothing beats a snow cone around 3 PM on a sunny Vegas day!  As you can see, we are trying hard to have a variety of food.  With that said, if you have special dietary needs, please plan accordingly by bringing your own special nutrition.  Importantly, if you need/want to purchase some of your own food/snacks, there is a 24-hour Winco grocery store located across the street from the venue (1/2 mile from the starting line).


Warming/Rest Tent

We will again have a tent set-up to serve as a quiet warming/rest area for 48-hour runners, along with 24 hour and 100 mile runners.  The tent will have a few camping chairs, a couple cots and a heater at night.  The tent is NOT meant to be a place for long-term napping/sleeping or chatting with friends.  It is strictly meant to be a short-term resting spot for those running through the night. We kindly ask no runner to spend more than a couple hours inside this tent. Those nighttime runners who need more than a brief rest should sleep in their cars, or personal tent.  Family, friends and crew are not allowed in this tent.  It's strictly designated for runners to rest and warm-up in a SILENT environment.




As an electrolyte beverage, we will be serving Tailwind at the aid station this year.  Special thanks to Tailwind for their hydration sponsorship! We all have our own electrolyte beverage preference; so if you don't like Tailwind, please plan accordingly. We will also have an extensive array of soda, water and coffee.  Speaking of water, to cut down on extreme cup waste, runners should carry a personal water bottle, or personal hydration system for drinking water.  For those who don’t like to carry a bottle, there will be tables next to the aid station where you can set your bottle. Throw away cups will only be used for soda, coffee, hot chocolate, Tailwind, soup, etc. Thanks for understanding.



Pacing is allowed from sunset to sunrise beginning on day one of your race and allowed thereafter.  No more than one pacer may run at any given time with a runner and pacing by bike, scooter, etc. is NOT allowed. Exceptions are made for certain circumstances and must be approved by Ken, Stephanie, or Lee (Co-Race Directors).  Please Note:  If you are in the USATF division of the 100-mile race, you are not allowed to have a pacer at ANY time per USATF rules.


Partial Laps - (6/12/24/48 Hour Runners)

We believe fixed time runners should have a chance to run as far as possible during their fixed timed event. When you are going out on what you think is going to be your last lap before the ending horn sounds, you will grab a wristband with your bib number on it.  You will have an opportunity to complete partial laps in half-mile increments. At the 1/2 mile, 1 mile, 1 1/2 mile and 2 mile marks, you will find a bucket on the course.  You will drop your wristband into the bucket you last passed when the ending horn sounds.  So for example, if I were to travel 0.7 miles during my final lap when the horn sounds, I would walk back to the 1/2 mile bucket and drop my wristband. With this format, we will use a motorized scooter or bike to quickly fetch the four buckets and upload the partial distances into the system.  Please not, by allowing partial laps, it does take us an extra 45 minutes to calculate finishing results for 6/12/24/48-hour runners as we have to manual add the incremental partial lap.


Race Dropping

We no longer allow mid-race dropping.  This is not because we are cruel. With 7 races simultaneously taking place, including the USATF 100 Mile Road Championship, moving runners around in the timing system once the starting horn goes off can cause system issues.  You can email Ken up until Monday, February 10th at Midnight if you want to drop down to a lower race.  You can also email Ken by February 10th at Midnight if you would like to move-up to a longer race.  He will send you an online PayPal invoice for the price difference which you can conveniently pay online before the race. Something to consider.  Ultras are hard and you will inevitably encounter a couple dark periods where you will be tempted to quit the race.  Rather than quit, find another runner to help you through your dark period. Take advantage of your couple hundred “teammates” on the course.


Course Visibility

90% of the course has great lighting.  About 10% of the course has very little lighting.  While about half of all runners ran without headlamps the last six years, we highly suggest every runner bring a headlamp or flashlight. It's a personal preference and you should absolutely bring one to be safe.  Don’t forget extra batteries!


Award Ceremony

We will distribute awards for the 50-mile, 6-hour and 12-hour races as the podium finishers complete their respective races.  For the 24-hour, 48-hour and both 100-mile races, we will hold an award ceremony at 9 AM on Sunday at the start/finish line.  The USATF 100 Mile Award ceremony will take place at Noon on Saturday.


Regular Course Surface (Regular 100 mile, 50M, 6/12/24/48 hour races)

All runners, except for the USATF 100-Mile division runners, race on a 2.5-mile loop. The course has been independently certified to USATF standards by a highly qualified civil engineer with extensive experience in course certification. The course surface is 45% groomed crushed gravel, 48% wide asphalt paths, 5% bridge/concrete surfaces and about 2% grass. While the park and paths are open to the public, the path is wide and congestion has never been an issue.  I WOULD SUGGEST wearing running gaiters around your shoes.  It always sucks to get even a small pebble in your shoe.  You'll find lots of fun styles at DirtyGirlGaiters.com, or elsewhere on the Internet.  Click here to see a course map and view a complete video of the course.


USATF 100-Mile Division Race Course

The USATF 100-mile race will be run on a 1.17-mile loop course.  It is VERY different than the normal 2.5-mile course.  It is a quick loop around the lake and does not incorporate the varying terrain of the regular Jackpot course.  It is run on 95% asphalt and/or concrete surfaces with just 5% crushed gravel paths.  The course is specifically designed to give USATF members a chance to set records, achieve optimal results, etc.  This course, which does share many paths with the regular Jackpot course, is ONLY being used for the USATF 100-Mile race.  By the way, all runners in the USATF race are required to be USATF members.  If you are not yet a member, please visit USATF.org to become one (membership costs $30).  Click here to see a course map and view a complete video of the course.


Course Cutting

Unfortunately, course cutting has occurred in many ultra races and it has affected the outcome of some podium finishes.  In fact, Jackpot fell victim to course cutting several years ago.  With that said, we have zero tolerance for course cutting.  If you are caught, you will immediately be disqualified and asked to leave the venue.  To protect the integrity of our race, we have incurred significant expense through the deployment of a timing systems that includes photo capture, along with course-side hidden cameras.  Seriously, if you are the type of person who considers course cutting, please don’t come to Jackpot – you will be caught!



RFID Timing

Elemental Race Timing has been hired to time the entire festival with Jimmy Gabany leading the effort.  Elemental will be using the highly proven RM Timing System.  Results will be streamed online and will automatically update every 10 minutes. A few days before the race, once we have uploaded all runners to the system, we will send a streaming results weblink which you can share with family and friends.



There are now 3 different bathroom spots on the course. About 20 yards from the aid station there are park restrooms.  Each has several stalls and a number of sinks.  In addition to these "nice" bathrooms, we will also have porta-potties stationed course-side at the ¼-mile mark and thanks recommendations from Jackpot alumni runners, we will have porta-potties on the backside of the course near mile 0.65.



Only God knows!  We’ve suffered through mid-80’s some years, while tolerating 32 hours of straight rain three years ago.  Most years we experience daytime highs in the low 70’s and nighttime lows in the upper-40’s. With that said, please check the local weather before you leave home and pack accordingly (zip code for the venue is 89074). Also, there is no shade on this course, so BRING sunscreen. As of Feb 6th, the forecast calls for mostly sunny skies with a hi/low of 61/39 and winds of 5-10 mph. If this forecast holds, conditions appear optimal for great running conditions.


First Aid

We do keep a nicely stocked First Aid kit at the aid station.  However, we are by no means a CVS or Walgreens and the kit is designed for emergencies.  We highly suggest every runner bring a small box of blister Band-Aids, chaffing ointment/lube, etc.  Best to just toss these items into your runner bag and hope you don’t need them.  Heck, I strongly suggest bringing your favorite diaper ointment.  Don’t laugh, we’ve seen the most masculine of guys breakdown in tears due to extreme chaffing where the sun doesn’t shine!!  Importantly, our very good friend, Priscilla Ami, a 30-year paramedic and seasoned ultra-runner, will be onsite to assist with any medical emergencies.



Like for all our ultra races, Stephanie has designed a really cool shirt for this year's race.  These are not cheap screen-printed shirts, they are high-end sublimated tech shirts.  We've again gone with a slightly softer fabric this year, which you will love!  If we have leftovers, they will be available for sale throughout the race for $35.  We will also be selling shirts from our previous races for a steep discount ($20 each, or 2 for $30), so bring a few bucks if you’d like to buy some creatively designed running shirts.



We very much need and welcome all the volunteer help we can get, especially since the event goes non-stop for 55 hours! It’s a super fun race and folks really enjoy volunteering!  If you have family or friends coming to the race who might want to kill 4 hours by volunteering for a shift, please ask them to volunteer.  Click here to sign-up online for a shift.  We do offer $25 of race credit per 4-hour day shift and $40 of race credit per 4-hour night shift.  By the way, if a runner’s spouse, friend, etc. volunteer this year and they are not runners, they can give the credit to you and you can use it for next year’s race, or towards our Beyond Limits Ultra race in April.



Several of you have inquired about bringing dogs to the race.  Technically, since it is a public park, dogs are permit in the park.  With that said, we very, very much prefer folks not bring their dogs onto the course. With 310 runners, it can be dangerous.  The park is huge and there’s plenty of off-course spots for your family and crew to hang-out with your “leashed dog”. If you do want to do a lap with your dog, PLEASE trot with your dog well off to the side of the running path so as to not even come close to impeding a runner. Several runners are attempting to set records. Please note, we do have one very experienced ultra-dog who will be running tethered to his owner in the regular 100-mile race.  We only consider dogs who have completed at least 6 ultra-distance races, including at least one 100K race.